The Process 

How we design and install your perfect space.

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Let's Get Together

We won't send a flashy salesman to see you... we don't have one.  The first step in the process will be for Neil - our designer and MD - to visit you personally to look at the intended site.  He'll sit and listen to exactly what you want, and will sketch out some ideas with you.  He's usually able to give an idea of cost at this early stage of the process too, so it's quick and easy for you to get a feel for whether we're the right supplier for your perfect garden building!

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Our Design Process

Nothing is more important than getting the design just right - because the building we install will be precisely what was designed!  We start by providing initial sketches showing the overall layout and style, and finish with a complete 3D model of the building that you can view from every angle (even inside).  We can even usually provide a 'photographic' rendered image showing you just what it will look like in your garden.

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The Build

Our build starts in our own workshop - where we precisely cut and assemble the key parts of the building, such as wall panels and floor/roof timbers.  Some specialist parts (e.g. windows and doors) are made by our trusted partners, who we've worked with on many projects.  When everything's ready, we'll arrive on-site for a rapid installation.  We complete all the ground and foundation works ourselves and each item is installed with the care and craftsmanship that is the basis of our reputation.

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Once the installation is complete, we'll hand over the building much like a new car... we'll show you all the switches and handles, and make sure you're totally happy with your beautiful, finished building.  We'll leave your garden exactly as we found it, because we'll have carefully protected it throughout.
Though we are perfectionists, so problems are very rare, our attitude to after-sales service is simple: if you discover anything amiss, we'll be there to sort it out quickly.

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Your new space

Whatever the purpose of your new garden building, we'll have designed it to give you many years of enjoyment.  You can relax in the knowledge that whenever you use it, you'll find it comfortable and welcoming.

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