Sarah's Pool House

Pool House

Tadworth, Surrey

"One year on, and we are so delighted with our pool house. We all love spending time in there, as it has a lovely atmosphere. During lockdown it has become the most used room in the house and has kept us all sane! "

About the Project

When we were first asked to take a look at this project, our client showed us an unloved and disintegrating timber 'log cabin' that was being used primarily to house an old sofa, some childrens' play equipment, and the pool plant.  It was rotten from the top down and the bottom up!  But this was one of those rare projects with a completely open brief... an architectural dream!

We set about creating a replacement Pool House that would have far more presence, featuring a grand front facade with large gables and a stunning slate-style roof. Despite it's grandeur, the Pool House required no planning permission, meeting the requirements of permitted development rules.

Architecture in Context

Architecture is all about context - which is why all really great buildings enhance their environment rather than dominating it.  In this case, we considered the appearance of the Pool House from the main house, as well as its presence as viewed from the paved area adjacent to the pool.  A brick wall flanking the far side of the pool, and existing planting provided a well-defined space in which both height and scale were considered.

To ensure we got it right, we modelled the Pool House in 3D (as with all our garden rooms) and provided photorealistic renders for our client to see exactly how it would look from the kitchen window, as well as various parts of the garden.  The result, we think, speaks for itself!


Technical Specifications

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