Maria's Gym

A Spacious Garden Gym

Reigate, Surrey

"An impressive set of sliding doors relying on some even more impressive hidden engineering".

About the Project

Whilst many garden studios are just a single room, this project actually combines three separate spaces in one coherent structure.  The first, a large gym, provides ample space for both cardio equipment and weights - complete with mirrored wall and air conditioning - whilst the next space offers indoor storage for outdoor exercise equipment... everything from golf clubs to walking boots.  Finally, a covered outside storage area provides wintering space for garden furniture, bicycles and more.

Room with a View

The centerpiece of the design is a vast, 4.5-metre sliding door set, manufactured in the UK by Origin.  For us, it's a great example of why every single design we produce is structurally assessed - to ensure the floor is strong and stable enough to support the weight of the doors, whilst the roof is properly supported with deflections small enough to allow the doors to operate smoothly even with six feet of wet snow overhead!  Finally, given the large glass area, we designed in a generous overhang and specially coated glass to prevent overheating from this South-facing elevation.



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